The best tool to submit data directly from your Tableau dashboard

Write-back was developed for you and your team, so you can forecast, plan or add comments from your dashboard to your database.
Write-back database for your company

Make more with Tableau

Write-Back enables you to input data and share it immediately, unlocking more analytic use cases.

Stay in the flow

You don’t need to know coding or SQL to use this tool, Write-Back has an intuitive UI allowing to configure new use cases as easily as adding any element to your Tableau dashboard.

Write back database for your company
Write back visualization data extension

Keep your data secure

With this extension, you can add new data to your database or backend repository from a dashboard, all this on your infrastructure and with an audit mechanism.

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Get Write-Back now! 

Write-Back is a high-grade Tableau extension, allowing users to input data whenever wanted, without the need to use another tool or even get off the Tableau flow. And yes, it’s awesome. Try it for yourself!




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