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Input data. Write now.

The best tool to submit data directly from your Tableau dashboard

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Input data. Write now.

The best tool to submit data directly from your tableau dashboard

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Data Security
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Data Security
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Data Security
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Write-Back enables you to submit inputs directly from your dashboard to your database and unlock new analytics use cases.


Make more with Tableau

  • Usability
  • Security & Audit Track
  • Write-Back Manager
  • Many databases supported


Stay in the flow

You don’t need to know coding or SQL to use this tool. Write-Back enables you to do the whole process through a UI, from setup to data submission and configuring your own datasets.

Both dashboard creators and dashboard viewers can easily use Write-Back in an agile way.

Security & Audit track

Keep your data secure and audited

Write-Back is deployed on your infrastructure, using your database and does not require internet access.

Authentication and authorization mechanisms are assured, manage access in a simple and effortless way.

Any action on Write-Back regarding data or configuration is audited, so you can always keep track of who did what and when.

Databases & Write-Back Manager

Use your database of choice

You can configure Write-Back to store datasets on your database of choice.

Besides, everything from basic configuration to theme customization is possible in the Write-Back manager, a web environment that guides you through the process.

Get Write-Back now!

Write-Back is a high-grade Tableau extension, allowing users to input data whenever wanted, without the need to use another tool or even get off the Tableau flow. And yes, it’s awesome. Try it for yourself!




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